Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Around the World

Nicola had to dress up for school today, the costume had to relate to one of the countries they had just studied. Nicola wore the Lion costume I made for Daniel when he was Year 0! She was a South African Lion, hehe! Her best friend (at school) was a crocodile! I drew whiskers & a nose on her with eyeliner pencil. Don't they look sweet! They did a parade in front of middle & senior classes, so lovely having a nice small school. All the 'big' kids cheered & waved at the little-ies, it was lovely. The school is amazing, a few kids in Nicola's class didn't have costumes when I dropped her off this morning, but but the time I got there for the parade they all did. The teacher 'found/made' some for them, wow! I ordered some stuff from Crafty Tart with my winnings from The Trend Scrapper Competition. Now the waiting & watching the letterbox begins......

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