Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Week Parade

The kids had Book Week at school last week. On Friday they had to dress up as a character from a book. Daniel went as Aipom from Pokemon & Nicola wanted to go as a Princess cos her class is studying Fairy Tales. She was just gonna wear her party dress, the I got the guilt's about making Daniel's' costume & not hers so I decided to make her a dress. I already had some fabric, I love buying fabric from the specials bin a Spotlight. It took me 2 days to make!! I decided it might have been cheaper to buy her a Disney dress but they were $50-$60!!!!! I made the over skirt out of that cool shimmery fabric they used to make Barbie dresses out of, but I wont be sewing with it again!!!! I would sew a seam on the over locker & it would just pull apart! By the time she came home from school the hem was already pulled off, which was very upsetting to her & me! I also sewed her a new bookbag as hers broke.

Scott has been given the all clear to drive again, yay!!!! So now he has some independence back & is much happier, (so am I!). I am getting to go to the Paper Symphony Retreat this weekend afterall!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only for Saturday night. Dad is taking Scott & Daniel to hockey on Saturday (his last game). Nicola has her best friend Bronte's birthday party on Sunday morning; so the kids wont miss me at all!
I haven't done any scrapbooking for ages. I am still half way through week 3 of the inovations/crafty tart challenge & they have finished week 6! Mybe I will get it done this weekend.

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Megan said...

Very cool costumes Kerry-Sue, your very clever for creating those!! Heard the weekend was fabulous. I'm looking forward to a weekend away. Really glad your hubbie is doing well too!!