Wednesday, September 22, 2010

one room complete!

This is the study/laundry on Sunday. Builders finished, it's our turn now! The cost of vinyl for the floor was astronomical & the stupid guy was having a fit about the ramp, I would think it was easy in lino, but no. So we decided to do it ourselves with that laminate floating floor, it was heaps cheaper!
Here it is all finished on Tuesday with the laundry tub installed.

And what is that? Wallpaper???? Isn't it awesome!!!!

We stayed up until 1am Wednesday morning finishing it, but it looks fantastic! Even put my new desk up in it on Wed afternoon, woohoo!!! What's that through the window? The builders starting on the carport! The driveway was supposed to be laid today but the weather was to crappy :(

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sarah said...

looking great! welldone. bet you cant wait till its all done!