Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

We went up to a friends bach for New Years at Snells Beach. They had a black Labrador puppy staying & Nicola got over her fear of dogs so much that now she wants one! They had lots of fun taking him for walks etc. This is a pic taken on Scott new iphone of the 2 kids playing on their own island, hehe. We also saw other frinds of ours that live up there. They took the kids kayaking & sailing. Nicola even said she enjoyed the 'bumpy bits' (waves, as the wind picked up alot.) She was pretty good at kayaking to. Daniel showed us what he learnt at Cubs kayaking the other week. I got burnt :( the first time I can remember ever getting burnt. We ate & drank to much & spent alot of time just lazing around the house :)
I was thinking about doing the 365 scrapping challenge. It is to take a pic a day for a year. See pic number 1 above for yesterday.Just took pic of sunburn for today will upload later ......

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