Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentines Day Surprise

Valentines Day this year was our 19th 'together' anniversary. I was so excited by the present I had bought Scott & few months ago & had been waiting impatiently to give it to him. I got him the personalised plates he has been pining over for ages on the web. The tricky part was the money as all of our accounts are joint how was I gonna withdraw $900 without him knowing? The solution came from the kids bank accounts, I got permission from Daniel to use his money (as long as I pay him back) they are bank accounts we set up ages ago & have been depositing regularly but seldom look at statements, so I was counting on that & Daniel not saying anything when he checked h is balance as he was in on it with me. The actual plates have finally arrived!!! (I hope he isn't expecting anything for our anniversary cos now we are broke! hehe)
Daniel's Sea Cubs in having a great term this term. The other week they went fishing at Half Moon Bay Marina & he caught at least 12 baby snapper & pipers. He threw them all back, he is very much into catch & release. He did so well he even let some kids who weren't doing so well reel in some of his fish. (insert proud mummy icon here).Then they went to Mechanics Bay to visit the Sea Police & the Rescue Helicopter. I went with & it was very interesting. (I even went on the Police Launch!!!! I hate boats but talked myself into it as a once in a lifetime experience)
I had a Stampin' Up! party in the weekend. It was really cool, Nicola helped me & mum ;) I bought heaps!!!! & got even more free!!!! As soon as I got them I had to play. I am pleased with my first grungy LO. Daniel doesn't like it, it is too messy for him, he likes straight & clean like me. I went with 'Spunky' cos that is what I call Scott IRL.

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