Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Impersonation of a Chinese Sweat Shop

How did it happen you ask....well.....It started innocently enough  We were talking about the girls upcoming Mariners Regatta at a parent meeting when one of the leaders mentioned how good one of the other groups tents looked cos all the girls had matching blankets.  They are very strict with tents tidiness etc & have inspections every morning at 9. So I pipe up & say that it wouldn't be that hard to make polar fleece blankets for the girls (this is 2 weeks until camp). Now as you know I am a perfectionist so refused other parents help.  I had 13 blankets to make by camp & another 3 after.  (The siblings who didn't need them for camp had to wait, and they still are....)The amazing team at Centrepoint Fabrics in Newmarket cut the blankets to length for me, which was very helpful.  Then I played 'rat & letter' tetris with the expensive Visoflex (double sided fabric glue sheet). My bestie & my daughter cut them out for me.  Unfortunately I am a dork & forgot about everything being reversed on Visoflex until after the cutting of the rats (luckily before the letters) so all the rats are back to front compared to the original design on the girls t-shirts.  But that was tough! I was not redoing all that work & money. So I lived & breathed blankets for 2 weeks with my poor hubby in charge of feeding me & family, he was amazing! There were 'rats' and green fluff all over the house. They were completed the day before the girls needed them and (if I do say so myself) looked pretty good.  Frustratingly once I delivered them I had other parents saying.."ooo how much are they?  Maybe we should get one....."  NO MORE UNTIL NEXT REGATTA!!!!!!! (Easter 2014) I just need to finish the 3 sibling ones now cos they have already been paid for, but no more orders!

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