Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back to Blythe

I originally tried Pinkysil & resin to make me eye chips for my Blythe dolls as they aren't available here.  Hubby got some amazing Warhammer wings in a set that I decided were mine for a  Blythe idea I have, but he wasn't so keen to give them up so I thought I might try to make a mold of them.  I worked out it would cost more to make a mold than buy a new Warhammer model, keep the wings & throw the rest away. This is what we ended up doing, sort of, he got a new model but I got the wings. Aren't they cool?
So this got me motivated to start playing with my dolls again.  I decided to redo the goth one I hadn't finished from last time I was motivated. I think I may have the mouth carving figured out, although I will probably forget before I do another one.  You need to start shaping the lips from the central crease, work out & up to shape top lip (I hope that is enough to remind me for next time). Apart from the fact I worked that out too late & was working with very thin see through plastic I am much happier with my lip shape this time.  I am definitely going to redo my other dolls lips sometime. 
Right, back to work on re-rooting her hair.

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