Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daniel is 8!

Yesterday was the big birthday party. The boys had a great time eating & playing PS3. Then I took 7 boys to see Speed Racer at the local movie theatre. It was a mission to keep them all quiet & in their seats. Was a fun movie tho & they all enjoyed it.

Finished my Stampin' Up! layout. At the demonstration we did a 8x8 so i have made it into a 12 x 12.


Danice said...

excellent work on the cake! and the patience to herd 7 boys thru the movies.

great work!

Anonymous said...

7 boys at teh movies?? Yes, indeed, you are a brave lady! LOL
Glad it went well - and happy birthday Daniel. :)

Anonymous said...

i miss mopsey soooo much -- pam