Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sketchbook Retreat

I had a fantastic time at camp! It was awesome. I din't get alot of LO's done, but I did get well on the way to completing my mini book for a christmas pressie, shhhh, don't tell anyone. As usual the completed LO & book from the classes were nothing like the orignal, but I am very happy with them, I will upload them to the sketchbook gallery when I get a minute.

The Halloween Party was heaps of fun. I was the only angel, which surprised me as so many people said they weren't doing scarey on the forum. I had a glowing halo too, but it only lasted about 5 mins. :-( The winner of the compition was Melissa aka Wizardswife & I'm sure you will agree she deserved it. & those shoes.... I must have some.


Melissa said...

Hey, didn't you get one of those 'flattering' shots on your camera? I think I'll be scrapping the side-on shots ;-)

Danice said...

LOL those shoes... yeah the shoes were cool