Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to you all!

Well here we are on the 'other side' of Christmas. The kids had a great day yesterday, but Santa did forget about us adults :-( Yesterday morning started bright & early with the kids ringing Nana & Popa at 6:30 to "hurry up" They did ok, but knew most of there presents cos they had helped us choose. Daniel was most excited about his 'Club Penguin' Igloo & Nicola was excited about getting her own real camera (now she doesn't have to borrow mums) They were also very excited when they saw that Santa bought them a trampoline!!! They both think they heard Santa & his elves building it on Christmas Eve. Then we were off to lunch at Craig & Mel's & more pressies. The highlights for me were the dress mum gave me (that we chose together on Christmas Eve) & the scrapbooking stuff Evan & Hanne brought from their holiday in Sweden, (how cool is that!) So after stuffing ourselves with 3 courses of lunch, we went to Nana & Popa's for 'dinner'!! We were so full but yet we still ate more, lol! My Lemon Meringue Pie went down well, but the kids weren't impressed & only ate strawberries & ice-cream all day.
Another early start this morning (third in a row!!!) & we were off to the boxing day sales for presents for mummy & daddy. The kids got to spend their Xmas money & dad got a new fishing rod, (guess where he is right now). I managed to squeeze in a quick stop at a jewelery store & got myself a half price dress ring, but still haven't found any togs I like :-(

No I still haven't finished the advent calander, it is looking good, but i am getting 'over it'. Yes I know the drawers are upside down. When we took the lollies out & counted that day I didn't know what to do with them so I just put them back in upside down so they didn't get lost or damaged. If I am lucky I might have it finished by next Xmas (don't mention the other 2 I bought for presents,ok). I found some tiny playing cards in a Christmas Cracker & have swiped them for my scrapbooking.

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Lisa said...

Advent calendar is looking cool, Nickie made one at work for her Mum looked really good in the end. Sounds like you had a great Xmas, pretty ring too!