Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The kids had been doing really well sharing a room during the renovations, but it was starting to get to everyone. So we moved Daniel into his new room last weekend, put his bunkbed back up, etc; the funny thing is he hasn't slept in his bed once! Scott got a new toy & Daniel has been playing & sleeping in the box ever since! Not to feel left out of anything Nicola had to have a box too. Tonight is their 4th night in a row.......
In other news...we have finished the wardrobe system & it is installed, yippe!! No more getting half dressed upstairs & half downstairs. We haven't seen the builder for a few days, but we think that is because he hasn't got the new iron for our carport roof yet. Scott has taken a few more days off to finish the ensuite, then we need to do some work outside. So we are almost done :)

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