Monday, October 25, 2010

No-labour weekend

What a glorious long weekend we have had! Beautiful weather :)
It started well with dinner at the mall with our friends. Then the daddy's took all four kids home & the 'mummys' went shopping!!!! & then to the movies. We saw "Life as we know it" with Katherine Heigl. It was sooooooo funny.
On Saturday Scott took Daniel & a friend to the Armageddon expo, Daniel was very excited. The 'girls' we to see 'Despicable me' & then went to Pumpkin Patch :) Nicola was so cute, she was posing in front of the mirrors in each outfit & basically chose everything herself. Mum deiced she needed shorts under the dress she chose tho cos it was so short (even tho it was a size 7) so off to Farmers we went. She was a perfect angel, the only thing is she wouldn't let me look at anything for me ;P
On Sunday Scott went fishing with a mate. Nicola & I did some tidying & sorting in her room, clothes, books etc. & I did heaps of washing, it was perfect weather for it. Then Nicola went to my brothers with nana & papa to look after her cousins while they were busy building a deck. I painted some more scrapbooking shelves.
Today Nicola went back to my brothers, she loves her cousins & being the 'big' one. We have had a nice mix of working & relaxing, it has been good.
House update.....we failed our final last friday cos the extreior wasn't painted, which was annoying cos the builder told us not to paint it!!! So Scott spent last weekend painting in the rain & we passed our final on Tuesday!!!!! The valuer has been so it is all looking good & we might finally be finished with builders. We still need to get all the rubbish out of the front lawn & plant grass, but hey, the end is in sight :)

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