Monday, November 29, 2010

U2 rock!!!!!!

It as been a really busy month, so busy I didn't have time to blog! Where to start.......think this post will not be in chronological order, sorry. Also very high in photos & video :)
Do you like my hickie? Thursday was finally THE day!!! The first Auckland U2 concert!!!! I had the kids all sorted, but got a call from school at lunch time saying Nicola was sick....NOOO!!!! my lovely bosses wife looked after her until my mum could get there. Scott, Pete & I queued from 2:30 pm, we had GA tickets, but the first 3000 (ish) people through the gate get into the INNER CIRCLE!!! This is the area Scott got into last time, but I didn't. The hickie is how the security knows you are one of the chosen few ;-P They only let us into the stadium at 4:30. Anyway while we were waiting we saw my brother, his wife & her family getting the grand tour around the set. Michael's wife's brother is a roadie for U2. He came & found us & upgraded us to the RED ZONE. I was 1 person back from the barrier to the walkway. It was amazing!!! I could have touched them (except for the security guards who would have removed your arms if you tried) These photos were taken on my little cannon so you can see how close we were. The set list for Thurs night is here. We were on our feet basically from 2:30pm till 12:30am so we had very sore feet (not that i am complaining) It was soooo awesome. Scott & I sang & danced until the end! The stage was amazing, the screen went up & down, very cool. So what do you do the night after the best concert ever? Take the kids of course!!!!! They were so excited. Nicola & I had a nap in the afternoon so that we would be able to stay awake. You should have seen the look on her face when they walked on the stage - joy, adoration, elation- it was amazing. There were quite a few kids there. We got the cheap seats behind the stage cos we weren't sure how the kids would cope, it was VERY loud. So we figured we saw it the night before so if they wanted to go home we would. Daniel made it to "Crazy" before he fell asleep, how do you fall asleep at a rock concert? It was the 14th song, about 10:45 so not bad. He still really enjoyed it (he was dancing on the inside) & had a great time :) The full set list is here, it was not exactly the same as Thursday night.
Nicola made it to the first encore before deciding she was tired & wanted to go home, that was about 11pm. Here is a video I took of Nicola dancing during Vertigo. She was so amazing. All the people around us we watching her instead of the show. Unfortunately she did change a bit when I got the camera out, but you can still see how much she was enjoying it. She wants to be Bono when she grows up, hehe.

In other news.....
Both the kids were in the Howick Santa Parade on Saturday morning. Nicola with Pippins & Daniel with Cubs. They both had a great time :) I was asked to walk with them, but said no cos I don't think I could, hehe. Then on Sunday we had lunch with my Cousin Emma & her man from Perth. It was nice to see them again :)

Now going back in time....
I have finally finished one of my advent calender for my friend, which is good cos she will need it on Wednesday. I haven't finished mine yet, but I am working on it.
Nicola had a friends party to go to a few weeks ago, so we decided to make her present. this is Her first OTF project. She painted & chose paper, I glued it all together & then she decorated it.

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