Monday, March 28, 2011

Bo Bunny Blast Off

My BFF & I went to the Kays Company Bo Bunny & Glitz day on Saturday. The first class started at 8am!!!!!!! on a Satuday!!!!! I have a hard enough time getting to work on time, but expecting me to be somewhere at 8am is s bit of an effort, but we made it :) Then to my immense annoyance we found out the first class went from 8 till 10, then the next 2 till 4!!!! What were we supposed to do between them? They could have made it 9 till 11 & I could have got an extra hours sleep!! hehe. So Shona & I went for a drive out to Scotties to look at the new Prima bling & some may have accidentally ended up coming home with me......These are the LO's from the afternoon Bo Bunny Blast Off! class. The puzzle pieces are a cool double sided actual puzzle. I just love the colours in this range, so bright & fun. Lovely boy paper :)We did the morning Bo Bunny class too. I will share once they are completed.

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