Monday, March 21, 2011


We spent most of last weekend digging & clearing the front lawn. Scott hired a rotary hoe & my job was to collect all the stones, concrete & other rubbish that was in the front yard. At some stage in the distant past there was a pond under what is now a deck; it collects water (obviously) & breeds mozzies. So that is where I was putting all the lumps of concrete. Yes those are my feet. I did not meet any bugs or critters under there :) Look!!!! Grass!!! So exciting!!!!Nicola's class went to Omana reserve to study the 'Rocky Shore' & I went as a parent helper. They had park rangers talk to the kids about all the animals, etc. It was cool. My finger is pointing to a blue crab we found. That other thing is a 'Feathery Sea Hare' I had never seen one of those before. It was sort of like a mix between a jelly fish & a rock!?! It retracted when you touched it, but looked solid, very weird. Nicola & her friend Gabby like playing wheelbarrow.
Exciting new tires.......
And finally a lazy pic of Zak, he likes to sleep on the path (or stairs) by the front door so he can keep track of us ;)

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