Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our poor baby is sick

Well we got home on thurs night, spent friday doing washing, unpacking, etc. Then the kids went to Nana & Popas for the night & most of the day on Saturday. It was so nice after having a week with no computer, playstation, dvd, daycare, etc, to have some quiet time without the kids. We went to town to get some new shoes for Scott (the kids would have loved that, NOT!) Anyway when we picked the kids up they were really happy, but by the time we got home Nicola said she wasn't feeling good. I undid her seatbelt & got her out of the car and she threw up in the garage. Poor wee thing. This went on all night, we felt so sorry for her. On Sunday she seemed ok, she wasn't throwing up anymore, just a little dopy & clingy. Monday she was back to normal, yay!!! So off she went to daycare. Monday night Scott started being sick, can't have been anything Nicola ate then. Tuesday Scott was at home dying, Nicola was at daycare back to her usual self. Then on Tuesday night she started again!!!!! So here I am at home with a sick child, while Scott is at work (he's still not good, but they NEED him), with a pile of washing, & other cleaning that needs to be done. I am just hoping that Daniel & I don't catch it too. It's my birthday tomorrow & we were going out on Saturday night, but we will have to see how everyone is.......................................

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