Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pocket Money Clipboards

I started making these on hoilday, finally finished them. I wasnted clipboards to alter, but couldn't find any so these are 1/2 a wooden placemat each with a bulldog clip, hopefully they will work. They are to try & keep track of the kids pocket money as we work on a fines system, $1 for lying for example. Daniel is upset they only had girl names in the bling, funnily enough they didn't have mine either. I think they came out nicely. I just need to put a photo of Daniel in his frame. The ribbon on Nicola's photo is so I can take it out & change it. Comments anyone?


Kelly said...

Oh, I like!! We are trying to get some sort of fine system going too - there are a few behaviours that are driving me BARMY round here. I'm filing this away so when I get to play (soon!!!) I can case this idea from you :)

Punch of the Month said...

i like your boards, Daniel's one is neat, hard to do boy stuff like that!