Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary?

Right now where was I up to?
Saturday. We picked Scott up from Middlemore & he came to watch Daniel's hockey game (they won again!) Then we went to the beach for lunch & some sun. Scott was tired by the time we got him back to the hospital.
Sunday The kids went to their friends houses to play, mum picked them up at 4. I spent the day keeping Scott company in hospital. It is so nice that the kids are happy at mums & I don't have to worry about them.
Monday Scott was supposed to be moved to Auckland Hospital at 10am so I went to work. At 12:30 he was still waiting!!! My boss tried to cheer me up by taking me to one of the building site I had drawn (I don't get to see many finished houses), that was cool. I went straight from work to Auckland hospital to see Scott (yes he finally got transferred). Unfortunately I missed seeing the surgeon. Scott was very upset when I got there & the nurses were worried about him. I could just see them postponing his surgery cos they were concerned about his mental state, so I had to find out what the problem was. It turned out that no-one has ever told us the results of the various tests they have been doing over the last few months, but the surgeon knew. Apparently his aorta was dilated meaning all the research Scott had been doing on mechanical valves was a waste of time cos his condition was now different to what we thought it was. So I told this to the nurse who explained the differences to us in lay mans terms. apparently the surgery is the same, so are the risks, it is just a valve with aortic extension the put in rather than just a valve. So we felt much better after that. They scheduled his surgery for 7:30 am on the Tuesday. But when they kicked me out at 9:30pm it still wasn't definite cos he needed a CT scan to measure the dilation before the surgery & he still hadn't had that. He did get the CT during the night. Oh & it was our wedding anniversary & he had to take his ring off.
Tuesday I went to work to keep my mind off things. They told us surgery was gonna be 4 hours, but it was 8. Apparently it is a bit complicated removing the homograph valve then putting in a new mechanical one. Scott parents & I finally got to see him about 6pm. When I first walked into ICU I was so relieved to see him still alive, we were both so scared, but the longer we were there the more obvious it was that something was wrong. He was still bleeding & they had tried all sorts of clotting agents so they decided to take him back into surgery to see if they could find the problem. It was so scary watching them all run around him not really having any idea what was going on & feeling so helpless. The surgeon sent us home saying he would ring & he did, they fixed it. Mum came home with me to help me put the kids to bed. Then she gave me a sleeping tablet after we got the call from the surgeon.
Wednesday. Mum came over to help get kids off to school, I was still half asleep with my sleeping tablet. Then she took me to hospital to see Scott, I didn't trust myself to drive. Wow! Scott was sitting up & off the ventilator. He was drugged to the eyeballs & kept coming & going from consciousness. He kept asking what day it was. I didn't tell him about the complications from night before, figured he didn't need to know that right now, he just needed to get better. the staff at the hospital were amazing! I was so shattered that I went home after lunch & his dad went to visit him. I picked up the kids from school like a normal day, Nicola & I watched Spongebob while Daniel played on the computer. Mum & dad brought us dinner.
Thursday Visiting hours are 11 till 1 so I went to work for a bit this morning, then went into the hospital. I can't believe how much better he looks, when I said that to him he gave me a filthy look & said he didn't believe me, I guess that was the lack of morphine talking! He is obviously uncomfortable, but in a ward bed & eating a little bit of food. He is still very sleepy. The kids have been asking to see him so I am gonna take them after hockey practice tonight, just for a few minutes.

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Kelly said...

Hey you..... it's a been a while since I caught up on your blog and now I see it's ALL been happening. What a lot to get through.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and hoping Scott is on the mend and will be back to "normal" as soon as possible.

Take care xoxo