Friday, August 7, 2009

It's been a long week.

Monday was normal.
Tuesday was Nicola's first class trip, so I got the day off work to go with her as they needed a 1:4 ratio. We walked to the local supermarket bakery. The most exciting part was getting an iceblock! Kids, hehe. Because I had taken the whole day off I decided to spend the afternoon putting my scrapbooking in chronological order. To do this I had to take apart about 6 albums & spend them over lounge floor. I was still doing this when the kids came home from school, & when Scott came home from work & when Scott told me he wanted me to take him to the hospital! Turns out he was having chest pains. So I phoned mum & she came & picked up the kids & I drove him as fast as I could to the Middlemore ED. I dropped him at entrance & went to find a park. He was already in a bed, hooked up to machines by the time I got there. He had blood tests & was on monitors & oxygen & we waited & waited. Scott was feeling heaps better on the oxygen, but they needed to admit him overnight cos they needed to do more tests in 8 hours to compare results. We were so bored waiting we started pretending we were extras on Shortland Street & were guessing which nurses were sleeping with which Doctors etc. Scott was so bored he even let a student Dr ask him questions, etc, apparently Scott is very exciting to student Drs. So eventually I left at 10ish cos I was so exhausted & I still needed to pick up the kids & go home to bed. As soon as I left the ED I started crying, it was so horrible to leave him there. I rang my girlfriend & she calmed me down enough to make it to mu parents. I lost control completely when I saw mum, but felt much better after a good cry. I took the kids home to bed & was asleep myself the moment my head hit the pillow.
Wednesday I sent the kids off to school & then went to the hospital. he had been moved into the short stay department awaiting a ward bed not long after I had left the night before. I seem to be jinxed, when ever I go to the toilet or go for a walk; a dr arrives, he gets moved or something. So they have decided to admit him now until his surgery.
Thursday I went to work, spoke to kids teachers so they know what is going on. i took kids to see him in the evening so they would know daddy is ok. They will not be able to visit him in hospital after his surgery. Nicola thought it was great fun. She made daddy bed go up & down, spoke to the nurses & other patients & weighed herself on the weighing chair (17.6kg) Daniel was reading the Top Gear mag I got for Scott, so he was fine too.
Friday. Scott rang this morning, he hadn't had a good night with his room-mate dying. So I took day off work again to spend some time with him. I was even there when cardiologist visited (woohoo). Hopefully he will be having surgery on Tuesday, so will be moving to Auckland hospital on Monday. My girlfriend picked the kids up from school this afternoon & I had a nap.
Tomorrow they are letting him out of hospital for a couple of hours to watch Daniels hockey game, which will be so nice cos it is the last one he will be able to attend. It is funny little things I am noticing while he isn't here. Like I had to do rubbish this morning & I don't know how to pay the bills, etc.
So that is my week & I am exhausted.


Annelie Maddock said...

Goodness me, you've not had a good week have you?!?! I hope everything goes to plan, and that you will have your hubby home soon. Thinking of you!!!

Danice said...

good luck