Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Excitement at work

Had another check up for my eyes this morning at the Eye Institute. It was all good & now I can just go to my normal optometrist for the rest of them. I have vouchers for $200 off if any body wants them just tell me. The lines on the photo of my eyeball are a stamp to help the computer line up the flap properly when they put it back down.
Nicola had her Jazz Medal test today. It's a bit annoying that they are during the week, but that's life. So she got her silver medal this year & is keen to continue onto the Christmas show. Mummy & Daddy aren't to pleased about that, I am NOT a dancing mother, but Bronte's mum helps & as long as Nicola is enjoying it she can keep going. So I got to work at 10:30 ish to see everyone standing in the driveway, I thought they were very annoying. It turns out the armed defenders squad had just turned up at a house across the road. I was lucky to get to work before they blocked off the road. They blocked the road at the Plaza & at the Panmure side of the bridge. There were at least 8 cop cars, police dogs, armed scary black ninja men (hehe). It was all rather exciting. That was until the gun fire started. There was about 6 shots & a very unhappy sounding dog yelping. But we decided he was complaining about being held back as he come out of house fine later (the dog that is). Another 2 shots were fired and it was all over. The armed defender's all came out of the house & drove away. An ambulance never arrived & 'normal' cops went into the house. So we were able to leave to pick up the kids from school, but still don't really know what happened. We think the shots were tear gas, they were very loud. I am so annoyed it was the one day I forgot my camera!

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Megan Renfree said...

You look great Kerry-Sue. I'm so glad that your eyes are adjusting! It must be so bizarre to have had your glasses for so long, and now not to have them, and to be able to see! Really glad that its all gone so well though!!