Saturday, June 19, 2010

New me!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could see the moment the procedure was finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took all of 15 minutes for both eyes & didn't hurt at all. The eye drops that they put in before hand did sting a bit. It is a bit like the dentist when the injection is the worst part. This is me & my surgeon before the op. Yes my eyes do look at bit odd, they put iodine drops in them. I was amazed that they left me have photos but very happy. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to ME in ages! How many scrapbook pages do you think I can make out of it?This is the first machine which makes bubbles between the layers of your eye so that they can cut & lift the flap. You just have to look into 2 circles of lights (looks like a UFO, hehe) & then suddenly everything goes darkish & blurry. That is when they are gonna actually cut the flap thing. Then they move you over to another machine (can see like 'normal' then). I could see them lift & fold over the flap which was a bit weird & then my vision went blurry again. BTW it is not my teddy, they give him to you so you have something to hold onto so you don't try to touch anything.Don't know when this was taken, but I am pretty sure it is my right eye. Maybe I should ask at my next appointment. The second machine is the laser that does the correction. They don't hold your eye ball still, you just have to look at the red flashing light & the computer tracks your eye movement. They take ages doing something until the actual laser starts. It does not hurt but is quiet a loud tapping noise. Then they irrigate your eye which is probably the most uncomfortable bit, put the flap back over & you are done!!!!!!!!Don't I look sexy?? This is how you get to go home. This is about 20-30 mins after & I already have vision good enough to be able to drive!! They don't let you though because they have given you a sleeping tablet, hehe. Home to bed for the rest of the day. My eyes haven't hurt at all, the feel a bit clogged up with tears, drops, etc on my lashes & the corners of my eyes. I had to sleep with these shields on so that you don't rub your eyes accidentally. But they are off first thing in the morning. Still haven't had any pain, but they are a bit tired feeling. When I woke up I looked for my glasses out of habit even though I could see, LOL. Having a shower was funny too, I didn't know there were so many dents in our stainless steel shower tray, hehe.

Went for my check up this morning & we are all good. I have a little bit of blood in each eye, which is noramal & will go away in a few days. I feel a bit odd without my glasses tho. Now I can go & buy sunglasses that I like & I know what they look like before I pay for them! I am in shock at how well it has worked, it is fr**king amazing!!!!! Totally worth the money.


Sarah said...

the whole thing is just awesome. its amazing they can 'fix' someone as blind as you! incredible stuff.

Axel....{Carol} said...

It must be soo neat for sure,we take our sight for granted really
congrats...what a massive boost for you

Karen said...

Can't wait to see the new Kerry-Sue at the retreat.

Lisa said...

awesome Kerry-Sue really want to have it down now!!