Monday, June 7, 2010

I am so excited!!!

I keep jumping up & down!!!!!! I am getting my eyes lasered in 11 sleeps!!!!!!!!!! woohooo!!!!!! I have not been able to do it before because my eyes have not been stable until now. I am gonna be able to read the shampoo bottle in the shower!!!! I wont have to get my kids to find my glasses for me when i can't see them. I am wondering what life will be like, I mean I expect to be able see everything clearly.So I have been interviewing Scott on what he can & can't see. Buying sunglasses is gonna be exciting too cos for the first time ever I will be able to see what I look like in them before I buy them!I want to take a photo of what I can see now in case I forget how blind i was. but I am not sure how I will do that. I do feel a bit like a traitor to Daniel who has only just got his glasses, but not enough of one not to do it, hehe. No more foggy glasses, no more tricks being played on me cos I can't see.......I am so excited!!

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