Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ballet Lessons & visit from Tooth fairy

It's been a busy day! This morning was Nicola's second ballet lesson. They all look so cute running around behind the teacher. She has even been practising at home during the week & wants to wear her clothes & shoes all the time. She cried for about a hour when I took them off her this afternoon (she had split chocolate on them so I wanted to wash it out!)

Last night during dinner Daniels left front tooth came out & today his right one did. So now I am calling him "the tooth-less wonder" & he is whistling thru the gap, LOL.

Scott also started to fix the wall in the kitchen which we had to move to make our fridge fit (we have a beautiful double door fridge). It looks so nice, even only with the bare gib up.

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a princess and a vampire!!pam