Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy (& week 6)

Well where do I start? At the beginning I guess.
Nicola was not well last weekend, high temperatures, cough, etc. So she ended up staying home on Monday with Scott. She went back to school on Tuesday, but was not good again on Wednesday so I took the day off & we watched Grey's Anatomy all day. Then we had her final dance lesson before her exam on Friday. I had to wake her up & drag her out of bed to go to it, but thought that at least if she watched it would be better than nothing. Apparently this was not the case. I was told that if she didn't dance on Wed she couldn't sit the exam on Friday! I mean she has been to EVERY practise until then but now the teacher was telling me she might not get her medal on Friday in the exam I was told she couldn't fail. She is only 5 for goodness sake!!!!!!! I was a little annoyed at this, they also taught them something new! I was a bit stressed at what this was gonna do to Nicola, & ended up crying myself to sleep (she, of course, knew none of this). Anyway......... I took her to the exam on Friday (so annoying had to take the afternoon off work & take her out of school). I had to give her full make-up & backcomb her hair, neither of which she liked, but it was 'required'. We had to be there about an hour before she went on. The dance went as well as expected, the 3 girls got stage fright. But they all got their medals at the end! yay!!! I think I am gonna pull her out of dance, she only does it cos her best friends does & it was soooo stressful for me! We will see............
The final week for the Crafty Tart challenge was distressing. Once again not something I am big on. I love sanding, but that's about all. I know my LO isn't very distressed, but figured there were gonna be some amazing ones this week as so many people love distressing. I did sand both the photo & the paper. I made the paper out of ripped pieces left over from another LO (this is my 4th LO using this paper - Sandylion) I wet, crumpled & ripped the vellum, I also dropped dim magic onto it to look like water drops. The title is my fave tho. I used Acrylic Raw Sand to give it texture then inked it gold & edges brown. Then dipped bottom part in real sand. I think it looks cool. In the top left corner are 3 mirrored mosaic tiles that I have never got around to using in my mosaics. Not a very distressed LO tho.
Today was Hockey for Daniel. I quiet enjoy watching him play hockey, far more relaxing than dancing. His team won 13 - nil !!!!! Daniel was awarded player of the day!!! He got into the action even tho he didn't actually score any goals, he did set some up for the other players. He played a very good game! Proud mummy, daddy & little sis!


Melissa said...

What an awesome layout - yet again. Hope Nicola is feeling better :-)

Annelie Maddock said...

How have I just found your blog?? Silly Swede I guess... ;)

Looooove that LO, it's fantabulous! Really love it!