Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 4 - non square Lo's

This week the challenge was to do a 'not square' page. Scott (my humble assistant) chose the oval from the selection of shapes I gave him. I decided to do the pic of Nicola with her vaccination plasters & new earrings. I Photoshopped the pic to have a black & white blurred background as it was very busy. The paper was actually black & white too, but i inked it pink to match Nicola's clothes. I also picked the hibiscus flower from her shorts for the flowers embellishments. But the thing I was most excited about on this LO was the coloured journalling on the black background. Can anyone guess how I did it?Love those clear micro beads!
Well guess what? I came second!!!!! Now I am second overall with 2 weeks to go. The leader is waaayyyy ahead so it will be a fight between me & third place (only 1 point between us atm). So now the pressure is on for this week!!!!!
Onto other news...... Daniel won his hockey game again on Saturday. So far they are 1st equal in the overall Juniors competition for Auckland (south of bridge) They haven't lost a game yet, only 1 draw.
Nicola was complaining about itchy bites all over her body on Thurs night so I stripped her off & it looked like chicken pox to me. Daniel has been vaccinated against it, but they wouldn't give Nicolas hers at the same time as her pre-school shots. So I put her in the bath with Tea-tree oil & covered her in anti-histamine cream. I took her to the Dr at lunch on Fri but they had scabbed over already. So we aren't sure if it was chicken-pox or not, but we kept her home all weekend & Scott took her back to the Dr today & we still don't know We can get her blood tests to check, but I dunno.

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mummymoo said...

Exxcuse me the leader is not way ahead :) !!! AND I LOVED that layout !! Honestly and all tho jabs on the same day OMG I went pale thinking about it !! She is a totally little trooper and your layout is to die for !!! So much detail and so very very beautiful !!! I cant wait to see your handmade challenge :)