Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 5 - Handmade embellishments.

Ummm......most of my embellishments are handmade! Like the paper scrolls & the flowers on last weeks , etc. I find it hard to use some of the bought ones, they are sooo pretty or expensive they just end up sitting in my drawers! So I did this LO quickly between challenges. The paper matches the pics so well (I think) & enhances the quite boring photos. When the new challenge came out I thought I would have to do a whole new LO cos I thought that 1 was finished, but I added some extra embellishments to it instead. I think the rusted grommets & copper wire fit in well. I do like how thiese chellenges are stretching me, I would have called this LO finished with out the wire thingys, but they are cool. I am definately being inspired to do some different stuff. I did however start another LO too, but it just isn't working.Onto far more exciting news.... my brother & his wife had their second baby on Thursday night (on her birthday!) A baby girl called Lucy Anne Dixon weighing 7 pounds & 6 ounces. Mother & baby doing well. Nicola & I are excited to have another girl in the family.


mummymoo said...

YAY to your brother and SIL - OMG a baby on her birthday what a cool present !!

I love your layout, and the wire things are so perfect for the page - I laughed about how they went rusty and I drying to try rusting with dimensional magic too - awesome layout and they are NOT boring photos I thought they were pretty awesome !!

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

Thanks Janie. The rust thing wa strange, needs more experimentation I think. The gromments rusted, but the wire didn't. So let me know if you have a go with it.

Anonymous said...

r a very talented clever person!!!pam