Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funeral today

Well we left home at 7:10am, Nicola & I were still half asleep. Daniel just needed promise of Mcdonalds for breakfast & he was out the door waiting in the car for us. Got to the church just in time for the coffin to arrive. Freaky!!! It both did & didn't look like her, I kept thinking I could see her breathing. Daniel didn't want to see her & we didn't force him, Nicola did.

Nicola made my heart break:
Nicola "Mopsie died"
Me "yes"
Nicola "When is she going to wake up?"
Me "She's not"
Nicola "Yes, she's sleeping"
Me "No, she's dead"
Nicola "But she IS going to wake up"
This conversation went back & forth for awhile , getting nowhere. Do you think a 4 year old can understand a sermon about the resurection? In the end we decided on a compromise.
Me "Yes, she is going to wake up, but not for a very long time."
Nicola "When she is zero?"
Me "Yes" (Tired & upset about this conversation by now). She was happy then & went to play in a make-believe house.

Daniel was reading, he loves his books, so he missed half of everything. But he is very sensitive & when he did raise his nose from his book it was to have a good cry, then he went back to reading!

It still doesn't feel real, everyone said it would at funeral. But at least I don't feel horrible about being excited about camp now.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your grandma died. Would love to hear from you sometime. B