Thursday, June 19, 2008

Money, Money, Money!!!!

Daniel's teacher recons he can't see the board in class so we took him to the optomertrist. The poor thing!!! He can only see about a meter infront of him!!! This might explain his "unco-ordination" with sport etc, he can only see the ball when it is almost on top of him. Kids glasses seem to be like bikinis, the less there is the more they cost!!!! He has a stigmatism in his left eye that they have caught early enuff to be able to fix, at the cost of $200 every 2 months!!! I let him choose which ever frames he wanted, he has to waer them so he needs to like them. He chose these cool blue metalic flexible ones (the most expensive) but they are able to take the new lenses with out being replaced.
We still haven't finished paying for his speach threopy or his dentist bill......

"Money, money, money, must be funny in a rich mans world......"

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... seems money just likes to dribble out of wallets at the momentm hey? Least Daniel will be able to see now - and have cute glasses for you to scrap about.