Monday, June 2, 2008

Packing up Nana's things

Yesterday we went up to Nana's house to help with sorting out her stuff. It was horrible, I kept looking for her. The kids seem to be ok tho. I got rather emotional at one stage when we were all called into her kitchen for lunch but she wasn't there!!!! The funeral is on Wed at 11am in Wellsford, so we will have to leave home pretty early to get there & organised. I am not a morning person either. (understatement of the year!!!!!)

Today we went to see Baby Cousin Peter cos it's his first birthday tomorrow & I feel like it is being forgotten about in all the funeral arrangements. At least he's to little to notice. I made him a canvas of his name for his room, got to use my new stamps from USA (yay!!!). Made 5 seperate ones, rather than 1 big one so Adele (my-sis-in-law) can decide on how much room they take up, vertical, horizontal, etc. The tag on the 'r' is my new stamp, says 'prepare to be amazed'.

Found a nice pic of Daniel at Christmas. He was playing with his new Lego, nothing else mattered, that was all he wanted.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pic of Daniel playing with his lego.... he and my Mr 7-in-two-weeks-time would make a great pair!! LOL

Love your nephew's canvas - hope he had a nice birthday anyways.

cheers, Kelly