Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phew... Finished!

I bought this Buzz & Bloom overlay at scrap camp & knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, however doing it was a little trickier than expected. They are photos of Scott & I when we were first going out, we were so cute! They are carefully cut & glued under or over the hearts. It took ages to find pics that would fit. I had to add some bling of'course!

Daniel got his glasses today. He looks really nice in them & he has already noticed things he didn't know he couldn't see before. Poor thing! So hopefully he will do better at school now that he will be able to see the board. Daniel, Nana(my mum) & I were playing games to see who could read the furthest away with & without our glasses on, lots of fun. LOL! Will get a pic of him ASAP.


Anonymous said...

looks Fantastic! I loved the actual thing, but was a bit overwhelmed by what to do with it. Looking for those pics was a worthwhile job.... it's awesome.

TracyP said...

Wow!! This is fantastic!! I really love it!!

Thanks for the blog comment and Of course I remember you, I still need to get lots of Hawkes Bay advice from you cause we should be moving in September!!!